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8ight31TM carries a wide range of products to suit a variety of budgets and taste. Our most popular Ladies & Gent's Top Retailer & High Fashion Designer picks are constantly being updated.
Mother Of Pearl
Mother of pearl center stone, surround by zirconia's
Price: $49.99
Mother Of Pearl Ring:
Brown Marble Ring
Unique stretch ring with large brown marble stone centered in a lai
Price: $32.99
Black Pearl
Beautiful elegant ring, that will suit any taste and upscale an outfit.
Price: $49.99
Black Pearl Ring:
Twisted Linx- Sold Out
Gold Bracelet
Price: $24.99
Twisted Linx:
NEW Heart to Heart SOLD OUT
Swarovski Crystal Heart Set. Both earrings and pendant have loose chips inside of the hearts
Price: $79.99
Heart to Heart:
NEW Midnight Bangle
Ceramic bangle with center crystal stones center, hand painted swirl craft design.
Price: $74.99
NEW Two Tone Bracelet and Earring Set
Brush gold and silver tone bracelet, with matching swirl pierced earrings.
Price: $54.99
NEW Gold Tone Swirls- Sold Out
Brush gold tone swirl pierced earrings. Sold as a set with matching bracelet, above
Price: $28.99
NEW Silver Tone Swirls
Brush silver tone swirl pierced earrings. Sold as a set with matching bracelet, above
Price: $28.99
NEW Bronze Tone Swirls-Sold Out
Brush bronze tone swirl pierced earrings.
Price: $28.99
"NEW" The Reign's Choker SOLD OUT
Bling! The Queen "Reigns". with this double row of Big Bold and Beautiful Pearls Choker. Embossed with smaller pearls and rhinestones.Perfect for Bride/Maids. Inquiry about Bridal party of 6+ discount. Bracelet not shown $39.99
Price: $64.99
The Reign's Choker:
Multi Stone
Beautiful Clip Earrings adorned with multi colored stones.
Price: $34.99
Multi Stone:
Iridescent Bangle Bling
Silver Bangle Bracelet resembles a " Belt" with all the bling.
Price: $34.99
Iridescent Bangle Bling:
The Wired Bronze Bracelet
One size fit all....Bronze finished wired bracelet.
Price: $31.99
All That Gold
Big Bold and Beautiful Multi Gold Toned Finished Bracelet and Ring Set.
Price: $74.99
All That Gold:
Royalty Set $74.99 SOLD OUT
Purple and White Rhinestone Ring, with gold toned trim. Ring Approxiamate 2" wide. Necklace, 16" Purple mesh strands. Earrings Purple Crystals, 1" Sold Separate Necklace $29.99 Earrings $28.00 Crystal Ring $34.99
Price: $74.99
16 inch Purple Strand Necklace and Ring Set:
Pewter Multi-Stone Bracelet
Bracelet has semi precious stones uniquely centered all around.
Price: $34.99
Black Orchid
Clip Earrings with multi colored and black tear drop centered stones.
Price: $34.99
Black Orchid:
Iridescent Earring Bling
Silver Leaf Earrings, with iridescent bling.
Price: $32.99
Iridescent Earrings:
Gold Hollywood Bracelet
Gold Rhinestone Fitted Stretch Bracelet
Price: $59.99 $49.99
Gold Hollywood Bracelet:
NEW Royal Bangle
Ceramic bangle with center crystal stones center, hand painted swirl craft design.
Price: $74.99
Purple - Sold Out:
Blue and Silver:
NEW Multi Bangle
Silver braclet bangle topped with stunning multi-colored rhinestones.
Price: $54.99
New Mutil Bangle:
Aquarian Set
Silver Bracelet with Amethyst stones and ring. ( size 9)
Price: $74.99 $64.99
Aquarian Set:
Key Of Love Set-SOLD OUT
20" Silver Key Necklace and earrings with a vibrant center cubic zirconia, initialed with LOVE
Price: $64.99
Key Of Love Set:
"NEW"Popcorn Pearls
SOLD OUT - this beautiful pearl necklace, is the latest design of it's own " Popcorn Pearls". 18" inches in length.
Price: $34.99
Pearls of Round:
Lai Lai of Pearls Set SOLD OUT
Lai Lai of Pearls and earrings. Irresistable and stunning,double band of pearls. Perfect as Bride/Maid gift.
Price: $59.99
Lai Lai of Pearls:
Pearls Of Leather
Leather Band Bracelets in three different styles. Call to order the Chains of Leather
Price: $34.99
Pearls of Leather:
Grey of Crystals:
Gold Truffle Set SOLD OUT
Gold Tone Stretch bracelet with rhinestone center and precious earrings to match.
Price: $54.99
Gold Truffle Set:
Mystique " Stunning" Set SOLD OUT
Be the Center of attention with Mystique...gorgeous silver mesh bracelet. Edge trimmed in Bold Rhinestones. Bow-Tie Ring with rhinestone center and stretch band. Approxiamate 2" wide
Price: $74.99
Mystique Stunning Set:
Gold Swirl
Gold Tone Bracelet and Rustic Stone Ring. Beautiful Bold and Bodacious
Price: $74.99
B-Jewel Bracelet & Earring Set
B-Jewel Blue Rhinestone Earrings and Multi Jeweled stretch bracelet.
Price: $74.99
Gun Metal Bracelet & Earring Set SOLD OUT
Gun Metal bracelet boldly trimmed in rhinestone. Gun metal pierced earrings.
Price: $64.99
Hollywood Bangle Bling SOLD OUT
Pewter Bangle embossed with curved layers of rhinestones.
Price: $54.99
Bangle Bling:
Hollywood Bangle Bling SOLD OUT
Stunning bangle embossed with beautiful layers of multi colored rhinestones.
Price: $74.99
Mother Of Pearl Bangle
Uniquely crafted Mother of Pearl Disc or Square shape bracelets. Both match the necklaces that are also shown, below.
Price: $44.99
Triple Affect
16" Mother of Pearl with square trim rhinestones and triple flapped mother of pearls.
Price: $49.99
Triple Affect:
Mother Of Pearl Disc
16" Mother of Pearl Disc necklace with smaller mother of pearls inserted.
Price: $49.99
Mother Of Pearl Disc:
Mother Of Pearl Square
16" Square Necklace with beautiful rhinestone trim.
Price: $49.99
Mother of Pearl Square:
We carry a wide range of products to suit a variety of budgets and tastes. Our most popular products are shown below. Please call or send an email to [email protected] for more information on products, current promotions and custom options.
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