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The Exit of 2012


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Letters Of Faith

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The Exit of 2012

kdb TM Dec 30. 2012 @ 5:15pm
We made it - The year is near it's end and 2013 awaits. Don't hesitate
to Live Life to it's fullest and Dream Big. Keep in Mind " YOU" made make it happen. Whatever it is....YOU made it. NOW!!! make it happen.  Blessings


The windows of LIFE awaits to be open by you....So; Live, Inspire, Forgive, Enjoy


Dream-Write the vision and make it plain. Hab:2:2


According To The Name-Your Roots (Faith) are deeper than the Wounds ( Challenge)Regardless of what you have been through, going through or coming out of....remember your FAITH, is a strong tower.
October 5, 2011 TM

Consistency and Advice Column

Hello everyone. I know it's been a minute, wanted to check in and extend an 
appreciation to all of my readers, for your consistency. That's what it's all about. Consistency!!! 
Speaking in which I've been ask to host an "Advice Column"ex; Ask Ms. Jazz, with topics such as, but not limited too, beauty, fashion and spa services.
What do you think? Also, I'm searching for a name. Help me out. Send Entry via email or blog, by August 15, 2011 and only (1) one winner will be chosen on August 20, 2011.
The Winner receives
- $100 Amyrkl Travel Spa Gift Card
- Signed Copy of my New Book released  Spring 2012
- Signed 8 x10 Photo
 Enjoy Life, Blessings!!!

The Time is Now

 Faithful Readers:
Hello and Praise onto You. I'm excited that all of you across the globe, have dedicated yourselves in visitng my website, consistently. I started the inspirational blog as a guide to uplift others and possibly introduction of writing my book, soon.  Yes! I have entertained the thoughts of writing not just a book, but several. We all have shared in either one and/or similiar experiences, not limited to love, truama and the challenging of our faith. It's been and an amazing journey for me, after all I have been through...physically, emotionaly, mentally and spirtually. The anointing, set the foundation and the Blog reviews, has established the appointed time. I encourage you, to bring your dreams to life and activate the passion from within. The Time Is Now....Thank you, Stay Tune-:)   Peace and Blessing! 2/23/11 TM 


Spirit: A calm presence, flowing in the waves of  the unseen, sweet aroma of balancing the soul, directing the steps of your every day.....LIFE
" Overwhelmed by Peace", saturating the body and mind. 


Noble:  A noble character exemplify the true esence of ones inner spirit.......righteous, humble, honest, meek, extraordinary....Create a new you, with the armor of being consistently, noble. The rewards are unmeasureable, priceless. 12/03/10


Influence: To whom are you influence or have influenced? Oh you say your
Mother, Mmm your Father, What your Sister? Oh! Know-Your Brother...Did you say your Teacher? Yes! Your Best Friend, What about Jesus??? Wow!!! I didn't think of Him. Why not? Oh, you feel you are not worthy enough, smart enough, tough enough, pretty enough- The beauty is choosing him and once allowed in your LIFE.....totally....the spectrum of being influenced is evitable...of HE to you and YOU to others.