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Letters Of Faith


Quintessential:  Irregardless of my current midst. Something is happening to me, I feel calm, relax at peace...knowing " it's going to be ok". Yes!!!  Wow!!! Mmm!!! How do I know one has been spiritually, emotionally & mentally transformed?  It's when the most significant power of ones inner-being have manifested the quintessential of HIS  Son Jesus.


Yielding: One of the hardest but most effective form of action one can take toward....being the throne.....a " Man after God's Own Heart". 


Virtue: Define by it's exclusivity to the most graceous of ones being. Quiet, Humble, Meekness, Creative, and the two main ingredients, Spirit of Joy and Peace. 11/29/10


Gift: You have one..find it within your passion and utilize it,,,,resulting with four  streams of increase. 11/28/10


Eternity: It's everlasting...refreshing...state of being evolve continually....Never ending in the spirit.11/27/10


Zealous: Beyond measures it's the foundation of ones happy life. 11/26/10


Ambition: Strive, until you reach the highest of your potential...inhale the graces of your success and upon exhaling, the abundance of Jesus, shall reign. Good Job! 11/25/10


Unity: As one forever, giving love, life and liberty the opportunity to set itself free in the inner most parts of your being. Together!!!


Worry: Worrying is a distracting source, draining your energy...enabling you to fulfill your  life that moment of " sadness", fear and chaos.  STOP!!! Get on with the day . It's grand. All will work itself out. Just believe.


Predestined: When shall I give up on the wings that fly high without me and connect to what is near holding on. As I wait to exhale... I stumble with astonishment. Looking at what God has not only created, but predestined. Mmm! Soon, I realize it's me that has to help restore. Humbly!!! 11/21/10