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Letters Of Faith

Amyrkl History

The Good News

Good Morning!
Existing and New Customers, we wanted to take this time and share the good news.
September 14, 2010, we began trial marketing Amyrkl and 8ight 31 online appointment scheduling.
October 09, 2010- We increased 100% with ninety-five new customer  views ( within three weeks).
October 10, 2010-We Officially Launched!!! 
October 11, 2010-We increased 174.50%, with one hundred and sixty-one customers 
October 12, 2010- We increased 199% with one hundred and eighty-nine. ( another 24.50% increase in one day)
Based on the increase and with the holiday just around the corner. We highly recommend that you book your appointments immediately, that it be for  a jewelry/handbag show or  spa services .  Remember, to share the "good-news"!!!
Spiritual Food- "Therefore I say unto you. Whatever things you desire, when you pray, believe that you receive them, and you shall have them." Peace & Blessing! 

Amyrkl's History

Amyrkl ( pronounced a-miracle)
A little history about the business name. Founded in two thousand three and later in two thousand nine through devine intervention the acronyms were planted.
How! Through spa therapy and conservatively adoring the temple with beautiful accessories.