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The Time Is Now " You have been Appointed"
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Letters Of Faith

The Time Is Now " You have been Appointed"


The windows of LIFE awaits to be open by you....So; Live, Inspire, Forgive, Enjoy

The Time is Now

 Faithful Readers:
Hello and Praise onto You. I'm excited that all of you across the globe, have dedicated yourselves in visitng my website, consistently. I started the inspirational blog as a guide to uplift others and possibly introduction of writing my book, soon.  Yes! I have entertained the thoughts of writing not just a book, but several. We all have shared in either one and/or similiar experiences, not limited to love, truama and the challenging of our faith. It's been and an amazing journey for me, after all I have been through...physically, emotionaly, mentally and spirtually. The anointing, set the foundation and the Blog reviews, has established the appointed time. I encourage you, to bring your dreams to life and activate the passion from within. The Time Is Now....Thank you, Stay Tune-:)   Peace and Blessing! 2/23/11 TM